Aries and Libra

Aries and Libra, Fire and Air signs respectively, can have a wonderful relationship at first, but will have to put much of their part for them to move ahead in time. These two signs are complete opposites and this is what is going to make few relationships that exceed the trial period in any relationship. At first, both signs will be attracted to each other and feel a great admiration for the qualities of each, since what one lacks the other has and vice versa.

At first a great complement, as both will be looking at the other for what they do not have, but this will soon disappear. Once time has passed in the relationship and when these sign each other perfectly, the differences between them will start coming out.

Aries is very busy and always wants to try new things while Libra is not willing to change the balance that works in his in life. In sexual relationships, these two signs interpenetrate great, especially at the beginning of the relationship, at which time they will enjoy in every way. As in any relationship, patience and dialogue are basic parts for this Aries and Libra to work together, whether in the loving aspect, friendship or work. It will need a lot more patience than other relationships.

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