Aries Monthly Horoscope

May 2024

There is no reason to avoid duty in this fifth month of the year. There is a call that you must attend and for which there is no room for excuses. You need to do what the forces around you silently ask you. It's time to make arrangements with your life and with your progress, and meet them. And that covenant is signed only through actions. It's time to stop procrastinating and face the rising tide in the best way we can: clinging to the rudder. This month Neptune wins your Sky, and it moves you to action, to address the problems that you have been avoiding. And everything spill that is not cleaned up, eventually becomes an avalanche that devours everything important if we choose the path of apathy. This May, Jupiter moves opposite the Sun, a transition that has proven tough for many signs, but not for you. The star of responsibility moves you to take your rightful role in the great works of life, in the plan that the Cosmos has in store for you. Do not leave out the great tasks because one point seems beyond us. All deferred duty is the source of further weakness in the future. You have to focus on recognizing your own skills, what your skills can reach here and then. Do not be victimized by the lack of security at other times you have played against and what has made you a puppet of circumstances. Think clearly the next move with a clear maximum in mind: one step leads to another.

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