Aries Monthly Horoscope

February 2020

Listen to the voices within you, make your case and listen to your premonitions and take advantage of your spirituality to choose the best alternative. The light is within you, not outside, and that is where you are getting the answers you seek. Friends will play a vital role in this second month of the year: the near and the new. Your research will demonstrate the relevance of links to live by and succeed in the world, and through hard trances awaiting everywhere. Uranus, the orb of insight, remains in your sky throughout this whole month of February, and while that presence gives headaches to all signs, for you, it means an extra in your intuitive abilities. You'll have the opportunity to work on your inner life, in the certainty of your heart. And you need a rest from everyday life, from urgencies and of the demands that impose routine and productive life. A respite: that's what it touches. You'll have time to do it, is that the transit of Venus to Jupiter will leave us free of serious economic concerns me. You then focus your efforts to find the new balance you need to meet the challenges of your day. Honor this custom that comes to you from the hand of Uranus, because compliance will mean another level of life. Do not ignore the opportunity hidden behind your habitual conformism. You have everything in your favor: your ability to empathize and connect with the most intimate substrates of yourself that is going to be at its climax. . Do not be put off by the tide of the urgent. On the other hand: learn to row against the tendency that wants to tie you to worldly concerns.

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