Aries Monthly Horoscope

April 2021

There has been problems within your partner, that you have missed the last months, but require your prompt action. No more sweeping problems under the carpet: you have to face what has brought this time and solve it as urgently and be addressed. Love is a circuit that cannot be broken, since otherwise it wears off, sick and weak, and instead of frustration, anger and misunderstandings arise. We must empty ourselves of pride and go meet who complements us and gives us meaning. This month Venus is high in your sky. This transit makes first priority be feelings, life partner, home and we noted that problems need to be addressed in this regard. It’s not that inside your house to debate or silence reigns, but we need to dialogue on issues that are there, latent be resumed, and that you and your partner have neglected and concealed, pretending that all is well. It is necessary to put cards and feelings on the table and put it all to come to a solution. It is urged by the Sun transiting Venus: the King Star lights up everything and will not allow us to pretend about love, even less about the partner and home. It is time that we care less what the outside walls will say and recognize and respect what the person we love feels. It's time, above all, to listen to turn this barren space in what was and should be: a home. So say what you need and let me tell you what you need to know.

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