Aries Monthly Horoscope

August 2022

There comes a time when you must learn to deny the obvious, close your eyes and open your heart. There will be days when the road will be indicated by the inner forces, by the powers of the unseen and the spiritual. In short: listen to your intuition. Uranus opens in your sky high this August, and it moves you toward areas that you hardly transit to, but always eventually prove necessary. We must listen to the advice that comes from within, and valuing intuition: that area of the mind that sees what you cannot see with the naked eye or with mortal eyes. Understand that need when the Sun moves toward Pluto on the 19th. Then it will be necessary to make a delicate decision that your economic success depends on the job or the company in which you take so much time working. What to do? Precisely what the heart demands? Intuition will also be required toward the 25th, when a loved one (your partner or family) will come to you for support and advice. The answer to your questions does not have to search in the law, logic or experience, but at the bottom of your heart. At the end of the month when the Sun moves toward Saturn, and demand for you to control over your life and your desires, you will see that intuition (the voice that speaks to you from the depths of yourself) will have put in place your priorities. And, although your nature, you should not despise what the strength of the arcane can grant in all areas of life, love and work.

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