Aries Monthly Horoscope

October 2022

A warrior spirit attracted by Mars, the Warrior, will cheer you on for much of the month. Make your wish list, and do not limit yourself to anything or anyone: your mandate of this month is the decision. Great expectations will be fulfilled for you whenever you do not deny the possibility, especially in love and in your inner life This month, Mars summons you to be completely open, to take things as they come, not to deny anything or anyone. For you to be given, the Universe has become a test of will. Fight for what you love, for it has been written that you build your own fortune. If you risk gambling, use these numbers. 4, 8, 12, 13, 17 and 30 Serve the profound changes you see in your home (home and understand both your home and your body). Mars takes strength and wisdom to care and open your gates to who is indicated and will be right in the game, in love, in life. What about love? The transiting Sun to Venus will give you attractive and persuasive power. Conquer what you want, but under the condition that it’s what your heart truly desired. Fire is your element this month, and its combination with your home Air, creates a combustion that will purify, renew, rebuild around you. Mars invites you to stop whining for past defeats. Reborn, this time and always, for your ashes, what you think are good at. But: beware of magnifying issues that are childish. If there are given problems and adversaries, count to ten. Or you will lose perspective.

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