Aries and Scorpio

The compatibility between Aries and Scorpio is not the best out there, as there are very large differences between their personalities that make the relationships between them the most complicated, however, so both want the relationship to work and if they put a lot of effort into it, they will have a wonderful relationship, full of love and affection that will last a lifetime.

The difference between their characters is marked by the planets that dominate each of the signs, Mars and Saturn. Therefore, the differences between them are quite insurmountable, but not impossible. While Aries seeks the unknown and are passionate about doing new things every day, Scorpios are very introverted and shy people who like to have everything under control and keep to the plans they have made. In addition, the Aries love to be around people and meeting new friends, while Scorpio is more reserved and prefer the privacy and tranquility of home and family.

Both Aries and Scorpio people are dominant, although each has its own way to dominate. They will enjoy sex from the first moment and they know how to keep the flame of passion. They are signs that they will get what they intend in life, although the economic aspect is not the best that they can handle. However, they will manage to maintain their friends for a long time and expand their family when the time is right.

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