Aries Monthly Horoscope

June 2024

June is going to be defined by movements of Venus, Mercury and the Sun: love, changes and money. You are passion, Aries: the ram that ascends to the top and the King who can leave the throne in the name of love. So you have to take care that the decisions you make are guided not only by what you feel, but what you know and what you need. Take the blindfold off Venus, and let the King start and Messenger point the way of change. To begin, in the first week of June, Venus opposes Saturn; a movement that we know makes us prefer the love and passion instead of logic. Careful what you decide and in whose name it is decided. They will be days governed by love and what we choose on their behalf, but you know, Aries: is not always good to leave the heart unchecked. By the second week, trends change, and Mercury reigns opposite of Saturn transit. It impels us to change, to work, to put the focus on the productive areas and we will be rewarded for it. The risk, of course, is to let the opportunity pass. How do we know that it’s in front of us? Mercury will give you a story that will not leave a doubt, one related to your money. So the second half of the month when the Sun opposes Cancer, get ready for the challenges imposed by the Astros Major: take care of the home. Looking to care for those we love and love us in our inner circles. Nothing more, nothing less. The month closes with Venus in retrospect, which calls you to take care in the love plane. And it is very likely that those who think you have won in this area, is only an illusion.

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