Aries Characteristics

Aries Characteristics Element: Fire.
Ruling planet: Mars.
Metal: iron.
Day of the week: Tuesday.
Perfumes: myrrh and lavender.
Color: Red.
Lucky Numbers: 1, 10, 19, 28, 37, 46 and 55.

The governing ones under the Aries sign are characterized by people with great energy and are enthusiastic, pioneers, adventurers; they like challenges, freedom and have original and innovative ideas.

These are leaders and without a doubt, they prefer to give instructions instead of receiving them, they are independent people and are focused mainly on their own ambition and the achievement of its objectives, they have a great energy that can lead sometimes to manifest aggressively, they are restless, they love to argue and are quite stubborn.

At work, Aries are intellectual and objective, yet they may fall sometimes in a kind of fanaticism, whether political or religious, they are intelligent people, yet they are often too positive and sometimes very hasty in doing projects, but if an Aries achieves perfect control of himself and a rigorous discipline around their working environment can be of great benefit as well as in their social life.

In love, Aries have a pretty high libido and usually love with great passion, thus this is why they make mistakes during their first affective relationships, the Aries has trouble reaching fidelity and finding the love of their life, they are excellent dedicated parents dedicated to the home and willing to do anything for the welfare of their children, without a doubt, they are the most protective parents of the zodiac.

Areas for improvement:
they can become selfish and a bit moody, they also tend to be impulsive and therefore become impatient, and they also have the tendency to take too many risks.

Do not make him angry: Aries hate to wait; they do not tolerate failures and hate to make mistakes, they also do not readily accept the advice of others and detest tyranny.

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